The untouched waters of northern Ontario provides opportunity for trophy class fish.

Dusey River Adventures single best attribute is our unbelievable Brook Trout fishing.

Brook Trout - Walleye - Northern Pike - Yellow Perch - Whitefish 

Check out our Trip Planning Guide for a list of recommended gear for your fishing adventure.

B R O O K  T R O U T

The Brook Trout is a spectacle of nature and the potential to hook into world class Brook Trout at our fly in outposts is very real. Under normal conditions, both Dusey Lake and Tyler Lake offer miles of boatable access to the Dusey River, where Brook Trout lie in wait. 

For spinning tackle, Brookies will hit spinners & spoons. If you want to try your hand with the fly rod, nymphs, dry flies and mouse patterns are worth having in the fly-box.   

N O R T H E R N   P I K E

Each of our outposts offers trophy class Northern Pike fishing. There's no secret lure for these aggressive predators. If your tackle box has some Rapala's and a selection of big spoons in it, you're all set! Tyler Lake does have a population of perch, so it makes sense to have some of perch patterns along. Don't be suprised if you hook a pike while jigging for walleye, either.  


Walleye fishing is spectacular throughout most of the open water season. Work shallower water coming off of spawning season. Jig rigs along ledges in deeper water produces good action. Bring an assortmant of colored jigs and the Swedish Pimple is always a good bet. 


We are proud of the fisheries that we provide access to. Remote, untouched waters provide trophy class fish. One of the things that is important to us, as stewards of these waters is that we conserve the fisheries for future generations.

At all of our outposts, we have a trophy rule that goes above and beyond the Ontario slot limits.

In order to maintain the trophy class fishery in our lakes and rivers we request the following of all guests:

  • Brook Trout - release all after a quick photo
  • Walleye - release all over 18"
  • Northern Pike - release all over 27"

It takes a great deal of time for fish to reach a very large size in Canadian- shield lakes.  Trophy fish are genetically superior to smaller fish.  Keeping the very large fish within the ecosystem to serve as breeding stock is essential to maintaining this fishery for our children and grandchildren.  Please eat all the <18 inch walleyes and <27 inch northern pike as is possible and pat yourselves on the back for doing your part to keep and protect this experience for future generations.

With a few quick pictures and a measurement, todays taxidermists can replicate any trophy fish with a graphite mount. We appreciate everyones cooperation, in this regard. 


  1. Do not play a fish to exhaustion. Use a heavy enough rod & line (8-12 lb test) to land the fish as quickly as possible.
  2. Use a soft mesh landing net or cradle the fish with two hands. Try to keep the fish in the net until your camera person is ready to take photos.
  3. Moisten your hands before touching your fish, which limits the impact on the fish's protective slime layer.
  4. Try to cradle the fish mid-body and hold them horizontally for photos.
  5. Do not put your hands in the fish's gills.
  6. Fish with barbless hooks to aid in unhooking your trophy.
  7. Place the fish back in the water as soon as possible, holding it gently by it's tail.